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  Asphalt Drum Mix Plant  

SHREERAM is committed to manufacture and supply absolute best plants as per MORTH specification based on latest technology meeting both Indian & International standards to produce high quality homogeneous mix of hot aggregate and molten bitumen with filler material in required proportion for construction and maintenance of bituminous roads.

Salient Features :
- Superior quality with latest technology.
- Both mobile and stationary plant.
- High Production Rate with low dust emission.
- Simple operation and easy maintenance.
- Manufactured from high quality raw materials.
- Use of standard and reputed parts.
- Site installation, operational training and prompt after sales service support.


The main assemblies of the machine are:

Four bin feeder : It is a single design chassis having 4 individual bins fitted with feeder conveyor and discharge gate with adjustable opening for feeding different size of aggregates from each bin on to the gathering conveyor.

Gathering conveyor : It receives aggregates discharged from each bins and discharges continuously on to vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen : It removes odd size of unwanted aggregates and allow to fall usable size of aggregates on to slinger conveyor.

Slinger conveyor : It feeds screened cold aggregate into dryer drum.

Dryer drum : The shell of the dryer drum is made from heat resistant steel plate and fitted with specially designed blades on its internal periphery to lift and direct the aggregate through hot gases from feeding end to discharge end. The first two-third length of the drum is for heating the aggregate and the last one-third length of the drum is for mixing of hot aggregate with molten bitumen.

Multi cyclone dust collector : It traps heavy dust particles from exhaust gases before emitting to atmosphere.

Load out conveyor : It is fixed to inclined position which receives ready mix hot material discharged from dryer drum and in turns discharges the same into tipping truck through hydraulically operated gob hopper.

Exhaust blower : It sucks the hot fumes from the dryer drum and exhausts to atmosphere.

Mineral filler unit : It feeds controlled quantity of fine dust minerals into mixing zone of dryer drum by force of air

Bitumen tank : It is a fully insulated tank fitted with internal fire tube for heating the bitumen by burner. Temperature sensing device is also provided for controlling the temperature of molten bitumen.

Hot oil device : This device having a tank fitted with pump for circulating hot oil through body of jacketed bitumen pump and bitumen line to avoid clogging.

LDO/Fuel tank : It is a steel fabricated tank of adequate capacity fitted with lockable filling neck and delivery outlet to store fuel for aggregate and bitumen burner.

LDO/Fuel pump : It sucks fuel from fuel tank and delivers to both aggregate and bitumen burners.

Burners : Burner for heating the aggregate is fitted at feeding end of the dryer drum and burner for heating the bitumen is fitted at inlet of the fire tube of bitumen tank.

Asphalt/Bitumen pump : It feeds molten bitumen of the bitumen tank to mixing zone of the dryer drum. Operational control cabin : An air conditioned steel fabricated cabin with better interior finishing and fitted transparent window glass is provided for operating the plant by sitting the operator inside the cabin.

Electronic control panel : A microprocessor based electronic control panel base on latest technology and requirements is installed inside the cabin for complete operation of the plant.

OPTIONAL :1. Storage silo 2. Wet type air pollution control unit 3. Bag house filters

Technical Specification of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant



SDM-60 SDM-90 SDM-120 SDM-150

Dryer drum (L x OD) mtr

6 x 1.2 6.5 x 1.5 6.75 x 1.75 7.4 X 2.05

Exhauster, CFM

10500 14000 18000 24000

Dryer burner capacity, lph

250 350 550 850

No of bin x capacity, MT

4 x 8 4 x 10 4 x 12 4 X 14
Feeder belt (W x L), mtr 0.5 x 3.65 0.5 x 3.65 0.5 x 3.65 0.5 x 3.65

Gathering conveyor (WxL), mtr

0.6 x 21 0.6 x 21 0.6 x 21 0.6 x 21

Slinger conveyor (W x L), mtr

0.6 x 13.5 0.6 x 13.5 0.6 x 14 .0.6 X 15.5

Load out conveyor (W x L), mtr

0.6 x 16.4 0.6 x 17 0.6 x 17.5 0.6 X 18
Gob hopper capacity, kg 1000 1200 1500 1800
Fuel tank capacity, ltr 3000 4000 5000 7500

Bitumen tank capacity, MT

15 20 20 15 X 2
Connected load (Motor hp)        

Dryer drum

25 30 40 60


25 30 40 70

Bin feeder (Nos x hp)

4 x 2 4 x 2 4 x 3 4 X 3

Gathering, slinger and Load out conveyor

5 5 7.5 7.5

Vibratory screen

1 1 2 2

Hydraulic power pack

2 2 3 3

Filler unit rotary valve

2 2 2 3
Filler unit air blower 5 5 5 5

Dryer burner air blower

7.5 10 15 25

Fuel pump

2 2 3 5

Hot oil pump

0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Bin vibrator (1 No) 1 1 1 1

Electrical power Requirement (KVA)

120 135 220 290


Note : As per company policy of continuous improvement, any of the above specifications subject to change without notice.