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    Truck Mounted Bitumen Pressure Distributor  


SHREERAM Truck Mounted Bitumen Pressure Distributor is designed for spraying a uniform coating of molten bitumen or emulsion in desired quantity at required temperature on specified surface area. The main assemblies of the machine are bitumen tank (fully insulated) with fire tube, bitumen pump unit, auxiliary engine with clutch unit, reduction gear box (low-high) for truck, bitumen screen filter, compressor with air tank, bitumen pressure burner, fuel cum flush tank, bitumen pressure regulating valve and full circulation spray bar.

Salient Features :
- Designed to suit any standard truck chassis.
- Fully insulated bitumen tank fitted with internal fire tube for bitumen heating and temperature gauge   for   molten bitumen temperature control.
- Full circulation spray bar to avoid clogging of spray nozzles.
- Provision for manual spraying by use of hand lance.
- Spray through nozzles can be regulated as required.
- Unique pressure flushing/cleaning system of bitumen line by use of minimum quantity of diesel at end of    work.
- Standard width of spraying 2400mm and 4200mm with extension.
- Simple operation and easy maintenance.
- Manufactured from high quality raw materials.
- Use of standard and reputed parts.
- Operational training and prompt after sales service support.


Technical specification of Truck Mounted Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Auxiliary engine

25 hp, water cooled, diesel engine

Bitumen tank capacity

4000/6000/8000 ltr
Spray bar Split type
Spraying width Standard : 2400 mm

With extension : 4200 mm

Spray nozzle spacing

225 mm

Bitumen pump

2”x2” +ve displacement pump, 350 lpm
Air compressor 360 lpm, 9 kg/sq.cm / 128 PSI
Nozzle spray capacity 8 lpm at 6 kg/sq.cm / 85 PSI
Air tank pressure setting 5 kg/sq.cm / 70 PSI
Bitumen tank temperature indicator 0-250 deg C
Spraying operation By a Single lever manually/ pneumatically operated

Note : As per company policy of continuous improvement, any of the above specifications subject to change without notice.