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  Reversible Concrete Mixer    


SHREERAM Reversible Concrete Mixer is a compact designed ideal machine for producing high quality homogeneous mix of aggregate, sand and cement. Feeding of measured quantity of aggregate, cement and sand is done by hydraulically operated loading skip bucket. Discharge of ready mix of each batch is done by reverse rotation of mixer drum. Whole machine is mounted on a single chassis fitted with 4 nos of pneumatic wheels for easy transportation.Four mechanical jacks or also provided one at each corner of the chassis for better stability of the machine during operation.

Salient Features :
- High production rate.
- Smooth rotation of mixer drum.
- Compact design for easy transportation.
- Hydraulically operated loading skip bucket.
- Forward and reverse rotation of mixer drum by control panel push button switch.

Technical Specification of Reversible Concrete Mixer


SCM-8 SCM-10

Output per hour (cu.m/hr)

8 10

Output per batch (cu.m)

0.4 0.6

Mixer motor (hp)

10 12.5

Water pump motor (hp)

1 2

Water tank capacity (ltr)

80 120

Skip bucket capacity (cu.m)

0.5 0.75
No. of pneumatic wheel 4 4

No. of mechanical jack

4 4

Note : As per company policy of continuous improvement, any of the above specifications subject to change without notice.