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Tractor Mounted Road Sweeper (Mechanical Broom) :


SHREERAM Mechanical Broom is an ideal machine for cleaning the roads. The machine to be mounted at rear of the tractor with hydraulic lift arm of the tractor. The broom is driven by power of tractor PTO through telescopic drive shaft. The main body and dust collector box is made up of steel plate & sheet and a set of circular crimped steel wire/poly wire brush mounted on a horizontal shaft and fitted underneath the main body housing of the machine. Two caster wheels is provided at rear of the machine to share the broom pressure with respect to ground and to follow the road undulance. The main assemblies of the machine are main frame with broom housing,telescopic drive shaft for tractor PTO, reduction gear box, broom shaft with set of broom and dust collector box.

Salient Features :
- Cost effective machine compared to manual cleaning.
- Designed to fit at rear of any standard tractor having 3-point hydraulic lift system.
- Driven by tractor PTO through telescopic drive shaft.
- Adjustable broom tip height with respect to ground as the broom can be. used up to its minimum   diameter.
- Shifting of machine by tractor hydraulic lift system.
- Quick fit arrangement to discharge the collected debris and fit back of dust collector box to  operating   position.
- Simple operation and easy maintenance.
- Use of standard and reputed parts.
- Operational training and prompt after sales service support.


Technical specification of Road Sweeper

Dimension (LXWXH)

2400 x 1500 x 1100 mm

Sweeping width

2150 mm
Brush outer diameter 508 mmg
Dust collector box capacity 7 cft

No of brush

set of 49/50 nos per machine

Note : As per company policy of continuous improvement, any of the above specifications subject to change without notice.